My Story

What I believe
We live in an era in which rapid, massive innovation creates amazing new possibilities, but on the dark side also feeds an unsustainable consumerism, which harmful results will disadvantages us all on the long term: creating shared problems…

I think it is time to overcome this by design that stimulates a non-consumerism lifestyle, and by collaborations between user, society and enterprise to realise user valuable, technically feasible and business viable solutions.

I don’t work on ‘the next version of’, but aim to create convenient, friendly and seamlessly integrated experiences by researching the essence of people’s behaviour.
How to design products that matter for all?

Who I am

A designer with an interest in creating experiences, user research and (light) installations.

(user) experience

I want to create a ‘WOW’
a memorable experience that creates value for user, society and enterprise. This requires me to have an human-centred focus, involving users from the starting point of the process. I get inspired by their stories, experiences, needs and values using different design research techniques each within a specific step of the process.

Hands on

I enjoy to get my hands dirty
exploring materials, forms and contexts to seek for inspiration in their behaviour and to translate ideas into tangible experiences. This (lo-fidelity) prototyping and scenario building also contributes to the team’s process by supporting in communicating the concept, interaction and context.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

I believe in the power of multidisciplinary teams. I get energy from bundling different expertises and sharing a passion. My strong verbal and visual communication skills support communication between various stakeholders and designers. I believe by supplementing each other an efficient process can be established with the aim to creating a memorable “WOW” experience.
I am a thinker, a critical questioner, a curious mind continuously challenging myself and the team to figure out how each element of a concept merges into a satisfying whole.
Sara's assertiveness, critic point of view, organized work process make her very valuable for the company
- Elmer Lise, Company internship coach
Sara is a very good teamplayer

- Sander Lucas, coach
With her questions I was able to improve my reflective writing
– Tutor student

My Skills

Design process
User research
Adobe CC
Solid Works

On the Side

Other things I like

Restore old treasures

Light fixtures, cabinets

UXify Meet-ups

Host and organise events

Performance arts

Theatre, Music concerts, Opera


Soccer, gym, yoga