design digital products to provide shared and hassle-free electric mobility

Project info

Amber provides mobility: always and 100% electric. As UX designer I was responsible for designing the digital products; mobile application, an internal (web)portal for employees to keep track of their cars and trip reservations, and a client manager that drivers can use to e.g. view their trip history, invoices and billing status.

In this start-up all development was done inhouse, which made me able to closely collaborate with back- and front-end developers, a graphic designer and marketing colleagues.

Key points

  • UX design (mobile app, external & internal web portal) focussed on designing new applications of these systems and redesigning current features to improve usability and consistency.
  • UX research to test my designs and discover drivers’ needs. For example, I did a customer journey research to find out how the current service is experienced (positive and negative) and why, to discover pain points which could be improved via design sprint/projects.
  • Visual design was done in collaboration with the graphic designer; combining her expertise of branding and mine of usability and experience.
  • As the only UX-designer, I experienced a lot of peak moments (high responsibilities and influence, dynamic close collaboration with development team, supporting in professionalizing the development processes and (re)defining team’ roles in the transition from start-up to scale-up).
  • Type

    Parttime UX job (20h per week)


    Aug-May 2019