Virtual self

an interactive light installation allowing to encounter with your virtual persona

Project info

The goal for this project was to design a light installation that makes the spectator reconsider the nature of perception and their own senses.

`Virtual self' is an interactive installation allows to encounter with your virtual persona. The spectator stands in front of multiple layers of organza, where a silhouette with three layers is projected. When the spectator moves, the silhouette moves, but each layer moves in a different way. The silhouettes represent the versions of yourself that you create online, that you try to live up to in real life..

In the installation you influence your virtual self, but your virtual self influences you too.

Key points

  • Play with perception and experience, provoking users to reflect on their attitude through the experience it gives.
  • Exploring, inspirational design approach
  • Creating an holistic experience combining arts and technology. Personal interest to play with human senses and experience, and manipulate and play with an holistic environment in order to evoke a certain e.g. emotion
  • Fascinated by the abstract goal creating bigger personal interest in designing interactive (art) installations

  • Type

    Course project


    Randi Nuij, Zeno Kapitein, Maro Postema


    Feb-Apr 2016


    Yvonne de Kort, Philip Ross, Roland Schimmel


    van Abbe Museum