De Uitkijkpost

execute and analyse qualitative research studies as interviews and co-design studies with elderly about the social interaction within care homes

Video by Kangkai- Designing Intelligence research group

Project info

Uitkijkpost is a platform designed to enrich social connections between elderly people and people from local neighbourhoods through a real-time view-sharing experience. It is a PhD research carried out by Xu Lin from the research group Designed Intelligence of the faculty Industrial Design Tu/E.

We do research with elderly to see how design and technology can help improve their social connection with other people, such as their families, caregivers, volunteers, people from local neighbourhoods and so on. We perform interviews and co-design studies together with the elderly people, and design interactive products and installations to enrich their experience in social interaction in daily life.

As the PhD student isn’t a native Dutch speaker and the elderly aren’t native English speakers, my role is to assist in this. I’m responsible for facilitating interviews and co-design sessions, transcribe, translate and analyse these into insights for the research. Besides this, I deliver feedback in the set-up and design of the studies.

Key points

  • Design, set-up, facilitate and analyse focus group sessions and semi-structured interviews
  • Nvivo qualitative data analysis
  • Qualitative design research with elderly living within a care facility
  • Transcribe and translate interviews

  • Type

    Freelance research assistant


    Aug-Jan 2018


    Technical University Eindhoven