Moving light

an interactive light installation for GLOW 2017

Timelapse by Niels Groenendijk

Project info

Moving Light is a project consisting of two parts; an interactive light installation and a crowd flow experiment. The main goal of the project was to measure the influence of different light scenarios on the crowd flow. The role of our interaction experience team –which I was part of- was to create a playful, dynamic and fun interactive light installation prior to the research area to segment, but more importantly to engage the crowd flow.

Inspired by a tesseract the 5x5x3m sized light installation is suspended above GLOW 2017 visitors. Through moving together, these visitors create a joint light effect. The more energy people put into their movement, and the more people take part, the more spectacular the light experience becomes.

Key points

  • Conceptualise an interesting, fun, easy and interactive experience for large audiences; enabling all visitors to influence the installations
  • Hardware build up
  • Basic crowd flow guidance signs

  • Type



    Okt-Nov 2017


    Studio Philip Ross, Intelligent Lighting Institute, Philips Lighting Research, Crowdflow Research Group, Bert Maas, Timo Lejeune, Matthijs Hoekstra, Werner Kroneman, Hagen Richter, Melle Willems

    Photos by Bart van Overbeeke