a research project using context mapping to map social cohesion and common values of residents in a neighbourhood in Eindhoven, to promote a supportive social network

Project info

A serious problem amongst ageing elderly is frailty. A supportive social network within neighbourhoods in which elderly are better able to give and receive social support, is considered to be an effective solution. To promote this network, we researched opportunities on how to map social cohesion and common values of residents in a neighbourhood and people are encouraged to socially connect or support each other.

Within the research participatory design techniques like context mapping are used to gather qualitative data. In the end these could serve as inspirational input for a design team to design for social cohesion.

The outcome of this project is a research paper in which insights and an initial framework on how to map social cohesion in a neighbourhood are integrated.

Key points

  • Literature research
  • Writing scientific paper
  • Using participatory design techniques, like Context mapping, cultural probes, creative sessions, and analysing these qualitative data into clusters and translate into (design) insights
  • Personal interest in applying and executing user research in the design process, experiencing the added value it has in creating user valuable design

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    Jolijn van Sleeuwen


    Feb-Jul 2016


    Jorge Alves-Lino