Material Sense LAB

designing and hosting an exhibition for DDW 2017 at Yksi Eindhoven

Work info

Material Sense LAB, is the physical and virtual laboratory in the field of material development and materialization of products for a circular economy. LAB researches, experiments and discovers new biomaterials, re-use and circular use of materials: leaving only useful things behind. The materials are tangible and made visible. LAB facilitates the collaboration between industry, manufacturing industry, designers and knowledge institutions. It functions as a catalyst in this process and find new paths in the circular economy.

For Dutch Design Week 2017 we focussed on selected Bio-Boost projects to be presented. These projects ensure that their ecological footprints disappear. No fuss with these elegant solutions from natural materials. We want to leave as little waste as possible.

My main activities were developing the graphical communication, designing and building the exhibition itself and hosting the exhibition during the event.

Key points

  • Designing and building a circular and modular exhibition at IGLUU for Dutch Design Week 2017
  • Graphic communication
  • Hosting the exhibition during Dutch Design Week

  • Type

    Freelance exhibition design


    Sept-Okt 2017


    Simone de Waart, Patrick