a visual baby monitor that provides positive as well as negative signals to reduce a parents’ fear to leave their child sleep alone

Project info

A project that aims to design a connected system of products to enhance the family environment in collaboration with multiple design groups. Data collection and analysation served as input for design opportunities and nuances in the product. Eventually this data was used to provide input for other products within the connected system.

The goal was to enhance bonding between family members by means of a system of connected products. Our role in this system is focused on the theme `Sleep'. The result is Lotan, a visual baby monitor that provides both positive and negative signals, to reduce a parent's fear to leave their child sleep alone.

Key points

  • Creating different working interactive prototypes enabling for real time testing
  • Personal interest in working with real people and learning about their needs and values, instead of doing user tests with peer students
  • Quick, iterative design process, by taking quick steps by making assumptions to be tested by means of a lo-fi prototype to (in)validate these. In this way not much time will be lost by putting a lot of effort in building the perfect prototype, that proved to be useless by user tests
  • Non-personal interest in such data enabled design process, as it’s too much focussed on technology: having technology as starting point and end goal

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    Verena Vredeveld, Leanne Vis, Maro Postema


    Sept-Feb 2016


    Carl Megens


    Philips design