an interactive light installation for GLOW 2016

Video by Sanne Croonenberg, Yannick Giraud, Shanna Keetelaar, Pim Sollie

Project info

In this project an interactive installation for GLOW 2016 was developed and realised. Intermedia explores the influence of technology as a link in human interactions. It aims to show three different aspects of social behaviour through digital technology.

The installation consists of three stages with in the middle a double sided projection screen, assuring visitors cannot see people at the other side. The moment you take place on one side of the stage, your silhouette is translated into a specific visualisation and projected on the screen. When this silhouette encounters someone else from the other side, the two silhouettes respond interactively.

Each stage shows different visualisation, inviting totally different social behaviours. The aim is that the visitor engages with Intermedia and eventually reflect on the different ways technology influences social interaction.

Key points

  • Creating an interactive light installation capable of handling ten thousand people during GLOW 2016
  • Matching the concept with the aesthetics and embodiment of the interaction. Every element of the concept had to match its visualisation, which then had to match the interaction it provokes
  • Creating awareness through experiencing the installation by creating different layers of interaction, which maybe even provokes people a change in attitude
  • Working within a professional and multidisciplinary team

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    May-Nov 2016


    Randi Nuij, Zeno Kapitein, Joren Broekema, Arjen van Vastenhoven, Camiel de Bruin, Daan Meister, Willem Zwagers, Tom van Rooij en Niek Baltussen

    Photos by Bart van Overbeeke