an internship focussed on developing a pendant lamp, explicitly on the end phases of the design process

Project info

Blom & Blom is a design studio with a passion for forgotten items from forgotten places. As an design intern, my tasks mostly lay helping to design a pendant lamp made of copper tubes for client Greenland. Within a redesign of their interior of one-hundred shops in China this copper lamp would form a part. For the Blom&Blom studio, this 'Copperhead Snake' pendant lamp is considered as the first step into their own production line Blom&Blom Editions.

The focus of this project was mainly about the end phases of the design process: designing details, solving problems, development and manufacturing.

Key points

  • Creating a ready for the market product and all different aspects important in this (CCC certifications, assembling processes, client and producer agreements, technical drawings, invoices, datasheets etc.)
  • Insights in how to balance conceptual ideation (‘everything is possible’- attitude) with business aspects like feasibility checking, in order to not waste time and money
  • Personal aim to incorporate user research within different phases of the design process, instead of designing purely on a gut feeling
  • Proficient in Solid Works software
  • Personal interest in restoring vintage treasures

  • Type





    Sep-Feb 2017


    Elmer Lise